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Crystal infused plates 6"

Crystal infused plates 6"


Over the ages the energies of minerals, which include crystals and gemstones, have been used in almost every ancient civilization on Earth as tools for transformation and the expansion of consciousness. 

    To infuse the healing properties of the crystals into each piece, they are hand ground with love and care, and sprinked into the clay body as it is being formed. These crystals are like little transmitters, working through resonance and vibration to either calm, energize, or rebalance the energy around them. 

     Another way of using the energies of specific crystals and gems is to make them into essences. In this process the energetic patterning of a gem or crystal is transferred into water, which is then used in mixing the glazes that give each piece its unique look. Each gem & crystal essence has a different focus on a thought, emotion, belief pattern or aspect of the bodies energetic system. 

     Each piece of pottery is a beautiful clay vessel that resonates with the human body, helping it to come into equilibrium.

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